Rights and Duties of the Examinees

The Licensing Exams can be taken only by the students (interns), who were properly registered with the Testing Board by their schools.

The students (interns) participating in the Licensing Exam have the right to write their tests in compliance with the approved schedule, receive their test results, and appeal to recheck their obtained test score according to the standard procedure.

The Licensing Exam results are sent by the Director of the Testing Board to the Principal (Director) of the higher education establishment.

Certificates are issued by the Testing Board. The Testing Boards keeps the Register of all issued certificates.

A student (intern) must:

  • familiarize himself/herself with the Licensing Exam Procedure;
  • timely arrive at the exam site and have his/her passport on hand;
  • comply with the instructions and requests of the Testing Board representatives administering the Exam;
  • upon completion of the test, hand over both the answer sheet and the exam booklet to the Testing Board representative administering the Exam;
  • avoid bringing into the classroom any objects or substances that are potentially dangerous to the life and health of other test participants;
  • comply with these Regulations.

During the test, students (interns) must:

  • avoid interfering with the work of other students (interns) and the duties of the representatives administering the Licensing Exam;
  • observe the rules of conduct;
  • avoid communication with other students (interns); avoid passing them any objects and materials, including those, related to the Exam;
  • avoid any disclosure of information about the test items before the Exam is concluded;
  • avoid using and carrying any communication devices or devices that can be used for scanning, processing, storage, and retrieval of information, as well as any printed or handwritten materials, not specified in the test procedure.

In case of violation of the demands provided in sections 2.4 and 2.5, a student (intern) loses the right to continue writing the test and, upon the request of the Testing Board representative, has to immediately hand over his/her answer sheet and leave the classroom. Each case of Exam Procedure violation must be recorded in the Licensing Exam Administration Report.

The submitted answer sheet in this case is not checked and marked instead as “0” (“fail”).

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