Annulment and Cancellation of the Results

In case of Licensing Exam procedure violation the Testing Board representative has the right to discontinue the Exam for a student (intern). Exam procedure violations are described in sections 2.4, 2.5, 7.11, and 7.12 (see Exam procedure). They also include the situations, when:

  • during the Licensing Exam a student (intern) has on his/her person or in his/her workspace any communication devices; devices for information readout, processing, storage, and retrieval; printed and handwritten materials, not specified in the test procedure;
  • the test is being written not in the workspace assigned to the student (intern) by the Testing Board representative;
  • the identity of the person writing the test is suspect;
  • communication occurs between the students (interns) during the Licensing Exam;
  • answers are being copied from another student’s (intern’s) work;
  • answer sheets are being damaged beyond the possibility to process them automatically;
  • students (interns) refuse to hand over their answer sheets to the Testing Board representative on expiry of the time allotted for the testing.

The decision about the results cancellation can be made by the Testing Board based on the records about the Licensing Exam Procedure violations, entered into the Exam Administration Report that was signed by the Testing Board and school representatives. The results can also be cancelled, if video surveillance analysis reveals the fact of Exam Procedure violation.

If unsanctioned access to the test items in the exam booklets is detected:

  • before the Licensing Exam begins – the Exam is cancelled and another date for the Licensing Exam is chosen;
  • after the Licensing Exam begins and before it is completed – the results of the Exam are not published and another date for the Licensing Exam is chosen.

In such cases the Testing Board draws up the relevant report and immediately informs the schools and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. If necessary, the Testing Board can make an official inquiry into the incident and contact the law enforcement authorities.

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