Results of the USQE, Stage 1 for the students majoring in Medicine

Dear foreign students!

We would like to inform you that your results, obtained at the Unified State Qualification Exam, Stage 1, for the students majoring in “Medicine” that took place on October 04, 2022, have been sent by the Testing Board to your schools.

Thank you for your diligent training and persistence you have shown while preparing for your exams!

Our congratulations to the students who have passed the exam with excellent results!

We work towards the victory!

✅ Thorough preparation is the key to successfully passing any exam.

When preparing for the Unified State Qualification Exam (USQE), we advise you to focus and revise the topics that are included in the exam. You can always find the list of topics for each specialty on our website in the “Exams” section:

✅ Additionally, our educational module with a selection of relevant test tasks can help you properly prepare for the exam.

The format of the test tasks in the proposed training tests and the way in which they are completed are as close as possible to the real exam. After taking a training test, your result will be calculated and you will be shown the time you have spent completing it.

Currently, an updated selection of test tasks has been uploaded into the educational module to help the students that major in “Stomatology” prepare for taking the USQE, Stage 1, in 2022.

Updated selections of test tasks for the students that major in other specialties will be uploaded to the educational module in the near future, so we advise you to follow the updates through your personal accounts.

✅ We would like to remind you that you can register your personal account and log into it here:

Remember that the knowledge you have acquired during your student years is the foundation and guarantee of your successful professional development.

We wish you success in your exams!

Everything will be Ukraine!

Dear students!

We would like to inform you that your results, obtained at the Unified State Qualification Exam, Stage 2 for the students majoring in Pharmacy, Industrial Pharmacy and Stomatology that took place on January 25, 2022, have been sent by the Testing Board to your schools.

Our congratulations to the students who have passed the Exam with excellent results!
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On December 23, the National Agency on Corruption Prevention and the Aspen Institute Kyiv, as a part of the “Integrity and Governance” project, invited the Testing Board to take part in the “Risks of academic dishonesty at the Krok Medical Exams and the Unified State Qualification Exam (USQE)” dialogue.

During the event, the Testing Board was paying close attention to this topic, because over the last year the Testing Board has done a colossal work to improve the preventive measures against academic dishonesty.

The participants have also discussed the problems and prospects of medical education development in Ukraine and analyzed the results of the Krok Exams in 2021.

During the discussions, the participants’ views regarding the discussed issue slightly differed.

However, they were still able to find a common vector for development and collaboration to productively continue the Testing Board's work towards improvement of medical education quality in Ukraine.

The society must understand the importance of general social intolerance for any manifestations of academic dishonesty, because it is these standards that prepare students for a dignified and responsible public life.

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A delegation, consisting of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine representatives and administration of the Testing Board and Bohomolets National Medical University, has recently visited the Gulf Medical University to promote international collaboration and skill-sharing.

During this visit, the delegation has met with the Gulf Medical University administration, faculty, and students.

Relevant issues of healthcare education and the spheres of its possible improvement were discussed. The delegation had an opportunity to study the education quality assurance system, implemented at the Gulf Medical University, and the experience of the University Testing Center, as well as share the experience in the sphere of independent knowledge assessment (exam content, format, and procedure).

At this meeting, the parties agreed on collaboration with the foreign colleagues, which will bring new opportunities for the improvement of the Testing Board working process and training of the medical personnel in Ukraine.

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