Registration for the Licensing Exams

Students (interns) are registered by the Testing Board according to the lists submitted by their schools. Registration begins three months before the date of the Exam and ends no later than four weeks prior to the date of the Exam.

Higher education establishments, licensed for the training of healthcare professionals majoring in the relevant branch of knowledge, submit the following documents to the Testing Board, within the period and according to the procedure determined by the Testing Board:

  • a request for registration of students (interns) for the Licensing Exam, which must be submitted on a document sheet of the higher education establishment (or verified by its stamp) according to the template. The request must be verified by the Principal’s (Director’s) signature and the seal of the higher education establishment, with every page signed and sealed;
  • a registration form that contains necessary data about each student (intern) for his/her identification within the database (the form must be submitted as an electronic Microsoft Excel document in accordance with the template provided by the Testing Board);
  • a cover letter that describes the seating arrangement of students (interns) in the classrooms, considering that the Exam is administered in one shift, and the students (interns) are seated with one free seat remaining between them.

The data about the students, listed in the request, must match the data, submitted in the corresponding electronic document. The original of the request must be sent to the Testing Board via a registered letter or delivered in person. If a student (intern) is not included in the both registration documents, such student (intern) cannot be registered by the Testing Board for the Exam.

Information about the registered students (interns) is entered into the Testing Board database for further processing and personification of the Licensing Examination results. A personal identification code is assigned to each registered student (intern) – Student ID/Intern ID.

Student (intern) registration data, stored in the Testing Board database, can only be changed upon the relevant written request.

In cases when special conditions need to be met during the Exam for persons with medical conditions that may hinder the process of examination, the school must, besides the documents listed in section 4.2, submit the medical conclusion issued by a healthcare establishment, stating that certain conditions need to be created for such student (intern).

The Testing Board can refuse to register a student (intern) for the Licensing Exam. The grounds for such refusal can be as follows:

  • improper execution of the registration documents;
  • impossibility of providing special conditions required for certain students according to the medical conclusion issued by a healthcare establishment;
  • belated submission of the necessary documents;
  • violation of the currently effective normative base.

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