Appeal procedure


General information

What is an Appeal to recheck the test score obtained in the result of a Krok Exam?

  • Exam Procedure provides the Examinees with the right to submit an Appeal to recheck the test score obtained in the result of a Krok Exam (hereinafter “the Appeal”).
  • The Appeal Requests will be considered by the Appeal Committee of the Testing Board. The authority and composition of the Appeal Committee are approved by Testing Board Resolution № 01/03/06, dated January 23, 2024.
  • The Appeal Procedure checks whether the Examinee’s test score was calculated correctly during the automated processing of the answer sheets. It is done by comparing the answer sheet of the Examinee with its processing protocol that is the basis of the exam result calculation. This way the Examinee can make sure that his/her answer sheet was scanned correctly and therefore the obtained score was calculated correctly.
  • For the duration of the quarantine measures, the Appeal Procedure to recheck the test score will be conducted REMOTELY. It means that you do not need to go to the Testing Board or to personally hand over your Appeal Request Form to the Testing Board in advance.

Who can submit an Appeal to recheck the obtained test score?

  • The Appeal can be submitted by an Examinee, who has taken the test and received a negative score. The Appeals submitted by the Examinees, who violated the testing procedure and were suspended from taking the test as a result, will be rejected by the Testing Board.
  • The Appeal Request must be sent by an Examinee to the Testing Board via a registered letter. The Appeal Request can be downloaded here:
  • Based on the results of the Appeal Procedure, a relevant statement will be drawn up, and this statement is final.

An Appeal to recheck the test score obtained at the exam: step-by-step plan

An Appeal can be submitted within the period of 5 working days after the exam results were received by the higher education institutions.

To take part in the Appeal you need to do the following:

  • Download the Appeal Request Form:
  • Fill in the Appeal Request Form.
  • Make a photo or a scanned copy of your Appeal Request.
  • Register yourself in advance for the Appeal Procedure here.  
  • Fill in all the fields of the Registration Form (Regarding the procedure to recheck the test score obtained as the result of the USQE Stage 2 for the students who major in “Pharmacy”, “Dentistry”, and who took their exam on May 28-29, 2024. The deadline for submitting your Appeal Request is until June 19, 2023. The procedure will be held within the period starting from June 14, 2024.).
  • Select the date and time of the Appeal that is convenient for you, attach the photo or the scanned copy of your Appeal Request to your Registration Form.
  • Send the original of your Appeal Request to the Testing Board’s address: 31 Gertsena St., Kyiv, 04050
  • Wait for the Testing Board to send you the instructions for installation of the necessary app, as well as your login and password that you need to start the Appeal Procedure. They will be sent to the email address that you specified during the registration.
  • On the day and time selected by you, enter into the app your login and password, sent to you by the Testing Board, to start the Appeal Procedure.

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