Preparation for the exam

The first step towards being prepared for the Licensing Exams is systematic studying and revising instructional materials. We advise you to use textbooks/tutorials and specialized literature, recommended to you at your school during the course of your professional training, as well as materials you can access from the most reliable global online sources.

Here the Testing Board publishes the “zero variant” of the exam booklets from the last three years. The “zero variant” means that in each test task the correct answer would be A. Keep in mind, please, that starting from 2019, the Testing Board will eventually be publishing only SAMPLE TEST ITEMS with the test tasks that were in the exam booklets of the last two years and have good psychometric parameters. Each year sample test items will be updated.

Sample test items will be grouped into blocks based on their medical profile, according to the exam content structure. For example, for the “Krok 2. Medicine” it will be “Therapy”, “Surgery”, “Pediatrics”, “Obstetrics and Gynecology”, and “Hygiene, Healthcare Management”. Sample test items are published here only for introductory purposes. By no means should they be used as the main source for preparation for the Licensing Exams.

If you need to familiarize yourself with the booklets of the past years, we recommend you to contact the Dean’s Office of your school, because after the exam the booklets usually remain with the school.

We must stress that the Testing Board does not publish the “banks” of test items. We bear no responsibility for the information published on other websites.

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